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Broken Denture Repair Dallas
Patients with tooth loss require special attention, especially when it comes to maintaining the structural integrity of their prosthetic teeth. Our team at Dallas Dentures and Implants work diligently to restore our patient’s smiles and confidence with precise treatment and compassionate care. Dr. Banks, our experienced and caring dentist, holds over three decades of experience in dentistry particularly with replacing missing teeth with dentures and dental implants.

While dentures are made from durable, life-like materials, they do require maintenance over time. To help preserve the lifespan of your dentures, our team offers denture repair services from our conveniently located office in Dallas. With an in-house laboratory, many patients enjoy denture repair in just an hour. Our team understands that our patients live hectic and busy lives and we strive to reduce wait times whenever possible without sacrificing quality.

Over time, patients’ mouths change shape after tooth loss. Moreover, dentures often need to be relined every few years to promote comfort. While dentures are durable, they are not indestructible. Made from a variety of materials including acrylic and porcelain, dentures can chip and break. Broken dentures should be repaired because they can cut gums and if they do not fit properly, they can make eating and speaking uncomfortable.

Repairing Dentures Quickly and Efficiently

Because our practice features a dental laboratory on-site, patients receive their repaired dentures much more quickly. Many dental practices rely on off-site laboratories for repairs and this process can take days, if not weeks, for patients to receive repaired prosthetic teeth. By reducing the need for sending off dentures and partials, we can provide our patients customizable care and denture repair, all from one location.

Denture Repair – Before


Denture Repair – After


We invite you to contact our practice today for denture repair or to schedule a consultation for exploring your tooth replacement options. We are currently accepting new patients.

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